This footage of a man saving a wild rabbit in the LA fires will restore your faith in humans

The footage from the California wildfires is both tragic and terrifying. So if you’re in need of a reminder that there is still good in this world, then we recommend watching this footage of a man saving a wild rabbit during the LA fires.

The footage was captured by an ABC News photographer who said that the man declined an on-air interview about what drove him to pull over and help the little bunny.

The video will definitely make your heart swell.

For some context: Dry, humid weather contributed to the intensity of the several fires currently raging in Ventura Coumty. The largest wildfire is the Thomas Fire, which spanned about 150 square miles in Ventura County (aka the size of Denver). Over 200,000 people were under a mandatory evacuation in Los Angeles and Ventura.

The fires are only expected to get worse. The National Weather Service said that if new fires break out, it’s likely that “very rapid spread and extreme fire behavior is likely.” On Wednesday night, November 6th, Los Angeles County Fire Department Chief Daryl L. Osby said that it was vital for “people that live in wildland areas that you sleep with one eye open tonight.”

And now, let’s take a look at that bunny-saving footage.

Pretty freaking beautiful, and a solid reminder to always look for the helpers in dark times. Because there are always helpers.

Stay safe out there, everyone.