This man bumped into his own cat while running errands, and the cat’s reaction is going viral

While everyone says that a dog is man’s best friend, what about cats? Sure, they may seem independent and aloof, but it doesn’t mean they’re coldhearted. In fact, they’re probably pretty happy to see you after a long day at work. If you don’t believe us, just check out this cat photo a Twitter user from Brighton, England named SherlockyTweet posted.

Here’s the story: SherlockyTweet was reportedly driving around town when he saw his cat, Louis, taking a stroll. Y’know — just out enjoying the morning on his own, as cats do.

Sherlocky offered the cat a ride home in time for breakfast, and Louis gladly accepted. And Louis had the absolute best look on his face when he ran into his owner — caught on camera, of course. (For the record, Sherlocky admitted that his car wasn’t in the best shape prior to the photo being taken, but hey — he didn’t expect to run into his buddy and go viral. So we can cut him some slack).

Take a look at a closeup (Sherlocky has since made his account private, meaning we unfortunately can’t share the OG tweet):

And as expected, there was a lot of Twitter love for the pic:


We’re starting to think that Louis seriously needs his own reality show — or at the very least, his own meme. At any rate, we sincerely hope to get more photos of him in the near future. Because this cat’s got major IT factor.

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