This man perfectly called out everything that is wrong with the term “friend zone”

The “friend zone” is a concept that has seemingly been around since the beginning of time. It’s an imaginary space created by people (usually men) who, based on a sense of entitlement, have a hard time accepting that the object of their affection is just not that into them. It’s a toxic way of thinking, and one Teen Titans writer is debunking the “friend zone” myth by shedding some light on the subject.

According to Mashable, a Twitter user posted a few photos of popular cartoon pairs, with the caption: “These dudes were the definition of being in the friend zone.” The common thread binding each pair appeared to be the boy character chasing after girls who didn’t return their romantic interest despite the fact that they were the “nice guys”.

And because the internet is as amazing as it is, the creator of one of the cartoons saw the tweet and was quick to correct the misinformed user.

Here’s what went down with the “friend zone” discussion.


David Slack, who created the Teen Titans characters Beast Boy and Terra, tweeted that “friend zoning” wasn’t what was happening in the show at all. Instead, he wrote, Beast Boy was smart enough to know that the friend zone doesn’t exist.

This is so incredibly important! David writes, “And if you don’t value friendship with a woman, you don’t deserve anything beyond that anyway.”

“The statement ‘she put me in the friend zone’ implies it’s a bad place to be & you don’t belong there. This implication rests on the assumption that you have the right to be in the ‘romantic zone’ regardless of how the woman feels. And that disregard for the wants, needs, & basic humanity of a woman you claim to like…is misogyny, he continued. “It might help to consider that some spurned men become a stalkers & attackers. Reinforcing the myth of the friend zone emboldens them.

We’re applauding David for standing up for his characters, but more importantly, for standing up for women everywhere while pointing out everything wrong with the ridiculous idea that is the “friend zone.” We couldn’t have said it any better.

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