This video of a man making a 594-feet-high basketball shot is deeply satisfying (and also amazing)

People afraid of heights: this isn’t the video for you.

Trick shot artists are all over the Internet, posting videos of their best attempts at daring feats at larger-than-life heights and angles. And even though these trick shot videos showcase athletic achievements that are somehow even more impressive than their ones on the court, there hasn’t been a trick shot video as deeply satisfying as this one.

Derek Herron made his basketball shot from 594 feet, from the top of Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland, breaking the previous world record of 533 feet. And it is definitely the best trick shot video that we've seen thus far.

When he was talking to Guinness World Records about his new record-breaking shot, Herron had nothing but excitement to share.

"It was a surreal moment nailing it on the third shot -- I watched the ball head towards the rim and saw the net move but still had my doubts that it went in until I saw Scott [Gaunson] going crazy."

Take a look at the video for yourself — doesn’t that look like fun?