This man looks and dresses like his dog, and is our hero

We can all use some light and fluffy news rn, right? This man looks and dresses like his dog, reported, and he’s our new hero. So if you need some cheering up, you ~have to~ take a look. But what, what, whaaaaat?! Why is he twinning with his dog? Why not?!

Who is this man?

He’s Topher Brophy, an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. He adopted a puppy two years ago, and we’d say they’re joined at the hip, literally and figuratively. Some people say that pet owners and their pets resemble each other, and you can decide for yourself when you see the Instagram posts of Brophy and his dog, Roseberg.

“I didn’t have an understanding that [Rosenberg] looked like me at all, Brophy told “That came later on when we started to go places…Kids would shout, ‘That guy looks like his dog!’ Some adults agreed, too. They’d say, “Hey, this is kinda weird but has anyone told you you kind of look like your dog?!...I took it as the biggest compliment. He’s a beautiful creature.

Regardless, one things’s for sure: This is now one of our favorite Insta feeds.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

The man-and-dog duo takes on all kinds of personas. Some days, they’re your average guys in plaid.

Other days, they’re more preppy.

Yet other days, they’re into sports, like Karate.

And then there are times they’re more primitive and go back to caveman-era days.

Sometimes, they even pose with other twins.


And then there are videos, too!

Here’s one where Brophy and Roseberg are tourists in NYC.

In another, they can be found on the track.

And they also clean up well, so to speak, for a night out.

Someone help! We cannot stop looking at their photos and vids.

How did the twinning even begin? One day, they wore matching denim button-downs, Brophy said.

People crowded around us and made a big fuss,” he said. “Kids went crazy.”

Hence, the dressing-up-and-matching began. Brophy even hired a professional dog photographer, Chantal Adair, aka @TheDogStyler, to help.

“We realized that people were made happy when we dressed the same,” Topher said. “And we wanted to spread that positive message. Animals don’t judge us based on how much money we have, who we vote for, the color of our skin — it’s based on how we treat them — a love meritocracy. That’s something that human beings could learn a lot from.”

We couldn’t agree more. Now, if you’ll excuse us as we continue to look at their Insta feed. (I told you we can’t stop!)