An L.A. man keeps dining and dashing on blind dates, and he must be stopped

There are tons of great things about dating, but it can also definitely be a mixed bag. Sometimes you get a total dud, like a guy who keeps dining and dashing on blind dates! His name is Paul Gonzales, and he’s become infamous for leaving his dates (and the check) right in the middle of the meal. What’s the deal, dude?! That is SO not cool.

One of the L.A-based women (cough: victims) told CBS News that he initially seemed pretty normal; he was chatty and they had common interests. The only weird detail was that he ordered two expensive entrees for himself (like over $100 worth of food), and explained it away by “saying he was a bodybuilder.” Hmmmm.

He then apparently attempted to make a move, and when it wasn’t reciprocated, he excused himself to go to the bathroom AND NEVER CAME BACK.

via giphyAnother L.A. women said that he excused himself to take a phone call. “The waiter came back and said, ‘He’s not out there, is this a first date?’ And I said, ‘Yes, this is a first blind date,’ and he said, ‘He’s gone.’” Are you making note of this? PAUL GONZALEZ!

If he shows up on Tinder, swipe left and save yourself from this monster!

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And to make matters worse, apparently his behavior isn’t restricted to the dating scene. The LAPD shared that he ran off on his hairdresser without paying, too. So much UGH.

Let’s all just take a moment to remember that most people don’t do such things on first dates, and that dating — when approached from the right perspective — can actually be pretty fun. Let’s just maybe avoid guys named Paul for a while?