A cat gave birth under this man’s bed, but it wasn’t his cat — and his Twitter thread is a must-read

Cats can be extremely sneaky animals. They love to lurk in hidden spots where they can see everything going on (without being seen themselves), they can quietly move from place to place without being noticed, and they know how to take care of themselves when they’re all alone. Because of this, you’ve probably heard your fair share of hilarious sneaky cat stories, but we promise that this new one takes the cake. A man found a cat that had given birth under his bed, and the craziest thing is that it wasn’t even his cat.

The story of how this happened is, obviously, going viral on Twitter right now, and it is one of those threads that is absolutely worth a read. The discovery was made when Paris Zarcilla, a filmmaker based in London, went upstairs to get a sweater out of his room. To his surprise, an adult tuxedo cat with four tiny newborn kittens was where his sweater should have been. Would this have been weird if it were his cat? Not really. But it wasn’t, so of course Zarcilla freaked out a bit.

Naturally, he also documented the experience on Twitter:

Zarcilla obviously took on the role as adopted father to the teensy kittens.

He also shared some truly adorable close-up photos of the kittens, which will make you want to run out and get yourself some newborn kittens of your own right now:

There’s even a video!

While these kittens are absolutely adorable, you can’t help but wonder: How the heck did they get there?! Zarcilla still doesn’t know for sure, but he did say, “I suspect it’s a neighbor’s. I leave my back door open a lot. Slept in my living room last night. Went upstairs to grab a jumper. Boom. Kittens. I am genuinely baffled.”

As weird as it sounds, this isn’t actually out of character for felines. According to International Cat Care, some cats are “the independent type which will go to extreme lengths to discover a dark, enclosed space well away from human contact.”

For those who are worried about the future of the mama cat and her new babies, it seems like Zarcilla is going to do the best he can to find them a home. He tweeted, “Going to get mama cat scanned to track down owner.”

Oh, and that sweater he was looking for? Yeah…that was ruined during the birth.

If you want to read every moment of Zarcilla freaking out over the cuteness of his new roommates, you can check out his entire thread on Twitter. It kind of makes you hope a pregnant cat will magically appear under your bed one day.

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