Man gets engaged to a burrito, because true love

Man orders burrito. Man falls in love with burrito. Man gets engaged to burrito. Wait, what? It’s true, kind of: 28-year-old David Sikorski of San Francisco loves burritos so much, he recently staged an engagement photo shoot with one. And his reason behind it is kind of the best thing ever.

“Before social media, I feel like the only people that would remind you that you eventually need to settle down would be your in-laws or your grandmother during the holidays,” Sikorski told Mic. “My Facebook has just been riddled with images of engagement, marriage and baby photos every day.”

We’ve all been there: While nice and truly exciting, sometimes the baby pics and Pinterest-esque engagement photos can totally dominate your Facebook newsfeed. So Sikorski enlisted the help of his photographer friend Kristina Bakrevski for a two-day, tongue-in-cheek shoot celebrating the love he feels for burritos. As you can see, the results are pretty fab.

“Once I explained that I wanted to get those staged engagement photos done, but with my true love, a burrito, she volunteered and came right over,” Sikorski said.

I get it; people love burritos. I myself have considered proposing to many a Chipotle burrito bowl. But this takes the old saying “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” to another level. Sikorski is quick to point out he doesn’t take it too seriously.

“It’s all in good fun, of course, and I adore my friends who have found true love,” he said. “The only difference is some people are looking to get married and I’m perfectly okay with just enjoying a good burrito.”

Something tells me that in another life, he and Liz Lemon would be perfect for each other.

(Images via Twitter)

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