This man drove his truck onto a California jetty and experienced the wrath of extreme ocean waves

We’re still scratching our heads at why anyone would ever do this, but against the advice of the National Weather Service, this man drove his truck onto a California jetty that was being pounded by terrifying ocean waves. In the end, his Nissan truck was ruthlessly tossed by the waves, and he narrowly escaped alive, thanks to a Coast Guard rescue by helicopter.

According to MSN, this scary incident took place at Northern California’s Humboldt Bay North Jetty on Thursday, where 27-foot swells resulted prompted the National Weather Service to issue a high surf warning that morning. Clearly, this man underestimated the perilous conditions, and the footage that shows the events unfolding is downright spine-chilling.

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The video opens with him slowly driving down the jetty, but it doesn’t take long before the waves overtake the rocky landing, swirling all around his vehicle in the process. Moments later, a massive swell completely engulfs the truck, slamming it against a wall, but still the driver continues moving forward.

At one point, he even gets out of the vehicle, and that’s when the situation becomes unbearably terrifying.

According to LostCoastOutpost, a couple walking their dog saw the driver on the jetty being pummeled by the high surf and called 911. As we previously mentioned, the driver was eventually airlifted to safety, but apparently his truck remains stranded on the jetty because the waves are still too rough for it to be retrieved.

That was one of the scariest incidents we’ve ever seen. We’re super relieved this guy made it out safe, but we hope that people will take heed to these type of warnings in the future.