What happens when a full grown man dresses up like Prince George for a week

Last month, Prince George, son of the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge, turned two years old. Two years old already! TIME FLIES SO FAST. But though the adorable little prince may only be a toddler, he’s got some pretty fab outfits — fab enough to be named Britain’s 49th best-dressed man by GQ. So, naturally, the little prince has already got a ton of fans. . . but one of those (fully-grown) fans takes the cake.

Mashable writer Max Knoblauch decided to spend a week living like Prince George by dressing up in his iconic outfits. “Anyone who’s paying attention can see that there’s just something about Prince George that draws people to him,” Knoblauch wrote in his piece covering his project. “Sure, maybe it’s the royalty thing. Maybe it’s his accent, which I’ve never heard but is probably pretty cool. I’d like to think there’s something else, though; something more. . . First, I would obtain a wardrobe befitting a toddler prince.”

So he set out to find clothing that looked like Prince George’s outfits. . . in a men’s “large.” Knoblauch wrote, “With the items in mind I headed out to, basically, the regular places I shop (Macy’s, Gap, the Internet) and picked up the closest items I could find to George’s clothes,” The Mashable writer continued, “Being that many of George’s direct outfits would be unobtainable in a men’s large, I had to make some customizations. So, the weekend before my project began in earnest was spent hunched over, sewing sailboats and royal guards onto adult clothes.”

And thus began Knoblauch’s week, where he dressed in the blue-sweatered outfit that Prince George wore on the day of his sister’s birth, sailboat-patched overalls, embroidered blouses, shorteralls, and sweater vests. The results were, as you’d probably expect, hysterical. He got some majorly weird looks, but since he was in New York City, people didn’t really question him as much as you’d think. “My week as a royal baby taught me many things,” Knoblauch wrote. “New Yorkers do not care what you wear. It’s surprisingly easy to dress like a baby by shopping at Macy’s. You should not let your coworkers’ words hurt you.” LOL.

The response to his project has been. . . well, varied. Some love it, some hate it, some want him arrested, but hey, haters gonna hate. Either way, the fashion-filled week definitely, erm, redefined his identity. “I had started this project as just another journalist in a growing media company,” Knoblauch wrote. “Five days later, I was ‘that guy who is always dressed like a baby.’”  

But what did Knoblauch learn about Prince George? What is that loveable mysterious quality about the royal tot? “In the end, it’s clear to me that while George’s look can be applied to anyone, his class and grace are what defines him,” Knoblauch concluded. “Personally, I think we should all try our best to be more like royal babies.”

Noted. Thanks, Max, for making us giggle today. And, of course, thanks to Prince George for being such a fly little guy. Two years old and you’ve already got some copycats.

For the full experience, watch Max’s video of his time as Prince George right here:

(Images via Twitter)

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