Here is a man casually playing with lions, a leopard, and a tiger like they’re his pet cats

The world’s fascination with big cats is completely understandable. I totally get it. They’re some of the most powerful, regal animals on the planet. Like any other person with a pulse, I immediately swooned after hearing this adorable lion club trying to roar and wished to squeeze, cuddle and coo to him before sending him off to la la land with my version of lion lullabies.

However, when it comes to this brave guy who frolicked in the grass with lions, leopards and tigers, I can’t relate to having a casual chill sesh with grown-ass wild animals. #sorrynotsorry

I mean, the whole setup looks innocent enough…minus the fact that there are at least 10 big cats lying around:


D’awww!!! Kitty loves belly rubs. I almost want to join in (except, not really).


HOLD UP. Wait a sec. WTF is the creepy leopard doing behind Brave Cat Guy?!


If you guessed “going for the jugular,” then you’re right.


ZOMG. That was a close call and I’m officially a fan of that tiger, although I still won’t be giving out belly rubs anytime soon.