Man Calls 911 on Himself

Remember the song ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm…’ by C+C Music Factory and how that simple phrase entered our lexicon for a hot minute? Well, in a current news story that I would slip into my Things That Make You Go Hmmm… file, a man turns himself in for driving under the influence of alcohol.

24-year-old Indiana native Matthew Devore was arrested for a DUI on Monday morning. The thing is Devore called the police on himself. He was driving, lost control of his car and spun off the highway into the median. He drove out of the median, but soon realized that he had a flat tire. This prompted him to call the cops on himself. The police said his blood alcohol level was .09% which means he was legally drunk, but like, a few beers drunk.

I am by no means endorsing drunk driving, but I really wonder what was going through his mind as he was on the side of the road seconds before calling the police. Things that make go hmmm… indeed.

Image via Fox59