A man in Minnesota called the police when he thought he found drugs in his wife’s purse, but what he actually found will make you LOL

Today in Men Aren’t Always The Brightest is the story of a husband in Wyoming, Minnesota who rooted through his wife’s purse. This is already a huge no-no because every woman knows that the purse is a sacred space. It’s an endless void, but it’s her endless void. So that was mistake number one. Mistake number two? He found something he thought was incriminating: drugs. But instead of acting like a concerned spouse and simply asking her about what he found and why she might have it, the man reported his wife to the police like a snitch. (This story is from April of 2017, but it recently went viral again, and we love a good throwback.)

When the man brought the plastic bag full of “drugs” to the police, they told him it didn’t have drugs in it. So, what was in the bag? Police broke the news that all that was in the bag was a broken pink cocktail umbrella.

Clearly, there’s a lot going on here. Why was this woman holding onto a broken cocktail umbrella in her purse? What significance could it hold? But the major takeaway is this: Our dude in Wyoming has clearly never seen drugs in his entire life.

The Wyoming Police Department clearly had a lot of fun with this tweet.

Apparently, it took some convincing, but the man finally believed them.

The department isn’t immune to Twitter trolls, though. So the account followed up with this tweet about substance abuse and available resources.

This isn’t the first time the Wyoming police Twitter account has gone viral. They made news again in April of last year for a hilarious 4/20 post about “trapping” weed smokers.

It’s nice when people can find the humor in their work. Keep doing you, Wyoming PD.

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