‘Man Buns of Disneyland’ is the Instagram we didn’t know we needed

We want to hug whomever came up with the concept of the man bun. Buns have been in style for a while (whether we’re talking about ballerinas with tight buns, or something like the new craze sockbuns) but more and more guys have started sporting this hairstyle, too. (Kit Harrington, we’re looking at you.) We’re very thankful for that. We’re also very thankful that these men sporting man buns then head off to the Happiest Place on Earth for the day, and that someone out there is thinking of us, and snapping picks of them. For you know, future prosperity.

Thankfully, all these pictures exist in the same place, and that’s the Man Buns of Disneyland, our new favorite Instagram account. Feels like we’ve spent our whole lives dreaming of something like this. The description on their Instagram page reads that, “[they] love man buns,” and hey, so do we!

GQ’s Jake Woolf first directed us to the account yesterday, stating, “it’s clear that the most magical place on earth is slowly but surely becoming a hotbed of the hottest fashion trends.” Now the account has gone crazy viral, with over 20,000 followers. According to Refinery29, the account is the brainchild of one Christy H. who lives near Disneyland and was inspired to launch the account after spotting a particularly awesome MB. “I was in line for the Jungle Cruise and I saw a fantastic man bun,” she told Refinery29. “Since then, I’ve been spotting man buns all over the park.”

Need to see some of these man buns in action? Good. Also, because it’s Disneyland, prepare for a lot of men with man buns and babies. It’s basically the best.

Here’s our first man bun (and first baby) hanging out in Fantasyland, enjoying a nice day at the park.

We’ve also got another man bun, and another baby, waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

How about a man bun riding Splash Mountain?

How about a man bun and a TINY MINNIE MOUSE? Hear that sound? That was our hearts bursting.

Sometimes man buns need to stop by Guest Relations and ask for directions around California Adventure.

Man buns can also be found waiting in line at Mickey’s Fun Wheel (that giant, GIANT, Ferris wheel in the park).

Man buns also sometimes meet Captain America.

This picture combines two of our favorite things: man buns, and churros.

This might be our new favorite Disney movie, and it’s a story about a little princess, and her prince (and his man bun).

Basically, this is the best Instagram account we’ve come across in a while, and we hope it, and the man buns never change.

(Image via Instagram.)

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