This character’s reappearance reconfirms the fact that the Man in Black is William

There are only two episodes left of Westworld, and about two million questions they still need to answer. Luckily, last night’s episode of Westworld, “Trace Decay,” helped answer one HUGE question and basically reconfirmed the popular fan theory that the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is an older William. Aside from the fact that William and the Man in Black wield the same knife, there are a lot of other detailed clues in the show that support the multiple timelines theory, too. And the reappearance of one Host in particular last night added another huge dose of fuel to the theorizing fire.

We’re talking, of course, about Angela.


Angela, if you recall, was the Host that greeted William at the park’s entrance in Episode 2, “Chestnut.” And, suffice to say, they hit it off pretttttty well.

Not that William actually ACTED on his feelings.


Can you imagine how different this story would be if she just casually dropped a can of milk?!

Anyway, Angela popped up again in later episodes like, “The Stray.” She appeared in those “early days” flashbacks where the Hosts were being taught to dance – about 35 years ago.

Meet Angela, the parasol-carrying Host!


But last night she reappeared in a MAJOR way and Man in Black had the most OOOOMMMMGGG response:


“It’s You. I figured they retired you.”

And, as a simple reminder of his past ~feelings~ for Angela.


Yeah… if that’s not THE BIGGEST nod to Episode 2, then I don’t know how thickly the show needs to lay it on for us to confirm that MiB is William. Because, FRANKLY, we are SOLD.

And here’s a fun side by side by side of Angela for your multiple-timeline reference.


Is Angela the key to solving this multiple timeline theory?! Possibly, but we’re hoping Westworld will answer us soon, because there’s only a couple more episodes to do it!

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