This is scary: A man was arrested outside Taylor Swift’s NYC apt

Being Taylor Swift can be as fun as it is terrifying, especially when the 26-year-old singer has to deal with dangerous situations like this man who was arrested on Tuesday for lingering outside her New York City apartment.

At around 6PM the man, described as having “curly, unkempt hair” by Page Six, was found hanging out around Taylor’s Tribeca apartment and immediately held by her private security before being apprehended by the police.

Luckily, Taylor Swift was not home during this encounter, but it’s not the first time this man was spotted hanging out around her property. (He allegedly was previously found at her home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.) Nor is this the first time Taylor has had to deal with stalkers. Back in 2012 she spoke to Cosmopolitan UK about the issue. “I get nervous when I have stalker incidents. I try not to talk too much about it because it scares me,” she said, going on to explain how her rising fame has only made it worse:

We’re guessing the same top-notch team of body guards are still with her today and were responsible for handling Tuesday’s incident. According to Page Six, the man in question was taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. We hope he gets the help he needs so that everyone can be happy and safe.

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