Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer is rocking the coolest icy blonde bob these days

When you’re already #twinning with one of the world’s most famous women, chances are you stand out from the crowd just about everywhere you go. This is even more true if you are Meryl Streep’s actor daughter Mamie Gummer, who has embraced the coolest icy blonde bob haircut in 2017. The two women look incredibly alike, and while Meryl has embraced an ashy blonde for a long time, the brisk white of Mamie’s new ‘do is both super edgy and “I may be the kid of Hollywood royalty, but I’m still gonna do my own thing” rebellious.

Is Mamie channeling her mom’s iconic Devil Wears Prada hair? We know we would!


Late last year, Mamie attended a luncheon thrown by The Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program. She debuted the short silvery style there and has since made it a staple that we’re honestly thinking of bringing to our own stylists asap.


Here she is last night with mom (an honoree, but duh) at the 19th Costume Designers Guild Awards showing off her new hair and proving that the look is here to stay, at least for a little while longer. We hope forever! There’s something so shocking and provocative about that whimsically white hair that keeps us staring…


What’s more? This color and cut looks so fresh all tousled up. Mamie’s hair was not behaving in any way at the event, which somehow added more character and charisma to the already edgy look. Plus, where do the Streep women get their glasses?


When mom is known for making big, bold choices that literally always pay off, we guess one might learn early that a little spontaneity is a good thing! Mamie could honestly shave her head and tattoo her skull with a zebra print and we’d probably be singing her praises, but that’s the point — muster up that confidence and do the damn thing if you want to! Even the more impulsive beauty decisions look great if you remember to own them.

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