These photos of Sasha, Malia, and President Obama playing in the snow will help you process this heartbreaking goodbye

There’s no getting around it — given all of the scary things currently going on in our world at home and abroad, it’s tough to remain optimistic in January 2017.

However, these never-before-seen photos of Barack, Sasha, and Malia Obama playing in the snow might just help you feel a little bit better as America prepares to welcome its 45th president. Because — outside of doing our part and taking action to change the things we can, of course — what could possibly be better than looking at some joyful, innocent photos of our favorite First Family ever having a total blast for a little self-care?

The stunning photos come courtesy of White House photographer Pete Souza, who has lately been sharing his favorite memories from his time with the Obamas on Instagram. On Tuesday night, unable to choose his “favorite picture of the President” after so many requests, he shared his “favorite day” ever instead — from a blizzard back in February of 2010.

“Washington was under siege with snow,” he captioned the first photo, which features Barack getting absolutely owned by Malia, then 10, while Sasha, then 7, prepares to fire off another round. “I slept in my office overnight, knowing I probably couldn’t drive to the White House the next day. And then I guessed … and yes, hoped … that the President of the United States would be a dad and play with his girls in the snow. And he did.”

The next photo features all three Obamas making snow angels, with Barack looking like he’s absolutely having the time of his life …

… With the final photo offering a gorgeous look at the trio running amok, while the White House — and everything that comes with it — looms in the distance.

Of course, our incoming 45th president’s children are mostly grown, with the only one out of the five still in the snowball fight era of life — 10-year-old Barron — planning to stay home in New York City with his mother as to not have to transfer schools. So no matter what your politics, for at least four years you can kiss adorable White House family photos like this one goodbye.