Malia Obama is really nailing the whole looking-good-while-freezing NY fashion vibe

From basically the moment that they stepped into the spotlight, we fell in love with the Obama family. Obviously, we love Barack and Michelle, but Malia and Sasha have also proven to be awesome ladies. Malia Obama is currently working at an internship for Harvey Weinstein in New York, a majorly important film producer. And even though the weather continues to be chilly in NYC, Malia’s fashion has been on point. We always knew that she had a great eye for fashion, but now we’re taking inspiration from her to get ideas for how to dress for the cold weather.

As she walks through NYC, Malia Obama proves that you can look great even when you’re freezing.


That’s right, Malia is all about the statement coat to keep herself warm on the chilly streets of NYC. And we love that. If you’re going to wear your coat everywhere, it’s so fun to make sure it’s a bright, vibrant color. And just because the weather is chilly doesn’t mean you can’t look super chic with a little black dress under the coat.

She also dresses down the coat with a totally casual look as well.


We love the way she layered the coat over a cozy flannel and turtleneck. And the chic leggings keep the look streamlined and totally fashion-forward. And we love her casual socks peeking out of those distressed boots. The perfect way to keep feet toasty and yet totally chic.

Here, she rocks the coat again with baggy cuffed jeans and some statement-making socks.


Wow, Malia has given new meaning to the idea of versatile fashion. And we thank her for that. Plus, let’s not ignore Malia’s backpack. Because it is leather-trimmed, patterned perfection, and we want it. Not only that, but it 100% makes sense for a busy intern in NYC to carry around a backpack.

That’s maybe what we love most about Malia’s fashion — it’s totally practical.


She proves that you can bundle up against the cold and wear walkable shoes, while still looking totally chic. We’re are so happy to see Malia getting out there on her own and starting her career. And we’re even happier that she’s giving us serious fashion goals that we’ll have to try out ASAP.