Malia Obama shines in this Harvard indie-rock band music video

Malia Obama is living her best life at Harvard University, and that apparently includes appearing in campus rock band music videos. Obama has a small cameo in the New Dakotas’ music video for “Walking on Air.” The indie-rock band is made up entirely of Harvard seniors, and the premise of the video is that the band is holding auditions for a new member. Obama plays one of the hopeful artists campaigning to join their crew, so she dances, sings, and surprisingly shreds on the harmonica.

The video has a delightfully distinct college vibe, and Obama’s cameo is adorable and earnest. The band shared the video to YouTube a week ago, but nobody noticed the First Daughter’s cameo until TMZ pointed it out. Someone even shared the video on Reddit with zero context and one surprised Reddit user commented, “lol is that malia obama at 1:40?”

Yes, dear Reddit users, that is Malia, and she pops up in the video at the 1:41 and 2:01 marks.

TMZ reports that Malia is at the beginning of her sophomore year, so she still has a while to figure things out—but she does seem inclined towards the entertainment business. Malia was a PA on Halle Berry’s CBS series Extant (Halle called her “fantastic”), and she later assisted on the set of Girls. Mind you, she did both these gigs in high school—jobs typically given to college grads in their 20s—and now she’s killing it in music videos. Malia is already a force, and we can only imagine the unstoppable career she’s going to have one day.