Of course Malia Obama is cool, but we already knew that

Everyone has been freaking out as of late over the supposed newly-discovered “coolness” of Malia Obama.

Here’s the deal. A shot of Malia in a Pro Era t-shirt (for those of us who are not as cool as Malia, that’s a Brooklyn-based hip-hop collective) recently surfaced on Instagram and the entire internet was like “WAIT MALIA ISN’T JUST THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER, SHE’S ALSO A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD TRENDSETTER WHO KNOWS WHAT’S UP?”

Internet, come on, it’s like you haven’t even been paying attention, the Instagram shot is just the world finally picking up what Malia has been throwing down forever—girl is as cool as they come. Check out the evidence:

She Went To Lollapalooza At 16

And she stayed late for the finale. You guys, I’ve never been to Lollapalooza and I’ve never stayed late for ANYTHING. I bow down. She also reportedly loves herself some Lorde. So with ya, M.

She’s Got Style For Days Years CENTURIES

Yes, if you’re the president’s daughter, you can’t roll down the block in sweats, but Malia is more than camera-presentable, she’s camera gold. M clearly didn’t fall far from her style icon mom’s tree. She always looks extremely comfortable in whatever she’s wearing and she’s always wearing something with a little edge that says I’m not your average White House kid.

She’s Into Sci-Fi (And MAYBE Has Hollywood Dreeeams)

It would be ENOUGH to be fashion-awesome and into sick music, but ENOUGH is not ENOUGH for Malia, Grand Duchess of Cool, she’s also hella into sci-fi. This previous summer, while her friends were most likely hanging by the pool, Malia worked on the set of the Halle Berry sci-fi drama “Extant” as a production assistant. An insider reported that she helped with computer alignments and the director let her slate a take (dude, she’s the President’s daughter, she was never going to be treated just like all the other production assistants).

She Photobombs Her Parents

On Inauguration Day, no less, now that’s punk. 

She’s An Awesome Sister.

All the way back in 2008, she was interviewed with the fam for Access Hollywood and she dropped this little nugget of wisdom about sisterhood that just makes us love her even more. Of her sis, Sasha, she said: “We’re never going to get something as good as each other.” Seriously, we don’t need a t-shirt to prove how cool Malia is, although we wouldn’t mind some more music recs. 

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