A sequel to ‘Maleficent’? Oh, yes please.

Maleficent, Disney’s retelling of Sleeping Beauty from the villain’s perspective, is getting a sequel and we are SO on board with this news. Disney has begun putting together a team to make the movie happen, and while details are sparse at this point, we’re super excited!

Linda Woolverton has just signed on to write the film (she wrote the first Maleficent), while Joe Roth (also involved with the first film) is on board to produce. Director Robert Stromberg isn’t part of the project yet, and Angelina Jolie is being kept “in the loop” according to Deadline. The sequel is being written for her in the role, but at this point no casting has been finalized.

But let’s talk about Linda Woolverton for a second, because her coming back is a huge win for the film. She wrote not only the first Maleficent film, but also some of Disney’s other iconic films, including The Lion King. She was also the first woman to write an animated screenplay for Disney with Beauty and the Beast. So naturally we cannot wait to see what she comes up with for a Maleficent sequel!

Without a release date it’s hard to say when we should expect more news on the film, but given Disney’s ongoing focus on live-action retellings we’re hoping for some updates mighty soon. Maleficent (the first) was a huge hit for the iconic company, bringing in almost six times the $180 million budget it took to make. With that kind of money in the bank, it’s no wonder Disney wants a reboot.

Now, just saying some silent wishes for Angelina Jolie to join onto the project.

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