A bunch of male participants quit a male birth control study because of mood swings and we’re like, welcome to our world

Let’s face it: hormones are NOT our best friends sometimes. And we think we can all agree when we say the way our hormones affect us before and during our periods is an absolute pain the butt to deal with! Mood swings, irritability, cramps, being overly emotional, bloating, etc — not fun, right? And that’s part of the reason a lot us take birth control; to lessen some of those awful side effects.


For years medical professionals and scientists (and well, women) have been advocating for a male birth control solution, and actually, scientists were getting *pretty* close to finding a method that works.

The study, which was published in The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, studied 320 healthy men after giving them injections administered every 8-weeks. Of the 320 men, 20 dropped out due to side effects like mood swings, muscle pains, and even in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

It’s not fun, is it?!


And even though 20 people (6.2%) dropping out of a study doesn’t sound like a lot — it actually is. According to researchers, that percentage is “a high number for side effects in contraceptives.”

Although we would obviously never wish harm upon anyone, women go through this (and a lot worse with periods/birth control) every day! It’s important to recognize that hormones affect EVERYONE in different ways. Perhaps this study will shed light on ALL contraceptive methods.