Malala finished high school, and her proud dad tweeted out her grades

We already knew that Malala Yousafzai — the women’s rights and education activist — was whip smart (after all, they don’t give Nobel Prizes to just anyone), but now it’s down on paper. This week, the 18-year-old, who’s been living in the United Kingdom for four years now, destroyed the country’s GCSE exams.

According to The Telegraph, Yousafzai earned A*’s (i.e. the highest grade possible) on six of her exams and A’s on another four tests. The young Pakistani — who came to international attention after the Taliban attempted to assassinate her at the age of 14 — performed especially well on her math and science exams in the subjects of biology, physics, chemistry, maths, and geography.

But that doesn’t exactly mean she’s necessarily on her way to medical school or some other STEM career track. Yousafzai also kicked butt on exams in the liberal arts, scoring high marks on her English language, English literature, history, and religious studies exams.

And, in the heartwarming category, it seems like her parents couldn’t be more. Earlier today, her dad, Ziauddin, tweeted to the world about his daughter’s impressive grades:

Congratulations, Malala!

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