This “Making a Murderer” + “Walking Dead” photo mashup is way too good

Making a Murderer and The Walking Dead have just collided into the most perfect mashup, and we’re obsessed. Also, SPOILERS ahead, okay?

The official Twitter account of The Walking Dead — the comic book account, not the AMC series account — inserted Steven Yuen’s character Glenn in the promo picture used for Making a Murderer. Just in case any of us were wondering what it would look like if Glenn was transported to Manitowoc County and replaced Steven Avery.

Here’s the brilliant mashup:

The mashup was created to acknowledge the similarities between the debate of “Is Glenn dead or alive?” and “Is Steven Avery guilty or innocent?” Fans of The Walking Dead were led to believe that Glenn was dead, just as fans of Making a Murderer were led to believe that Avery could be innocent…or guilty.

We all know at this point that Glenn didn’t die, and it’s very possible that Avery is innocent (but also maybe not).

We’re not sure which would be worse — being wrongfully (or rightfully?) accused of murder and spending life in prison or spending life in a zombie apocalypse/becoming a zombie. We choose neither.

Worlds have collided and it’s all for a great cause — humor in two dark situations.

(Featured image via Twitter)