“Making a Murderer’s” Brendan Dassey’s case is getting overturned, and we’re happy-crying!

We’ve got some BIG NEWS out of Manitowoc County today. Are you sitting down, because this is MAJOR, friends.

Brendan Dassey’s case has been overturned, and he is set to be released from jail within 90 days. There’s a small catch, but we’ll get to that in a sec because hold, on, we have to FREAK OUT ABOUT THIS!!!


Earlier today, a judge in Milwaukeee, Wisconsin overturned his case, which you’re probably very familiar with since you binge-watched Netflix’s Making A Murderer. Dassey, along with his uncle, Steven Avery, were convicted of killing 25-year old Teresa Halbach back in 2005, and have since been serving life sentences for the crime. As Making A Murderer pointed out, there were so many holes, gaps, and cases of false reporting with their conviction and trial, enough to warrant a real deep dive into whether or not Dassey and Avery really killed Teresa.

In 2014, Northwestern University’s Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth brought a petition to the federal court, asking Dassey’s case to be reexamined to determine if Dassey had been imprisoned illegally.

“A lot of our appeal has to do with the actions that Brendan’s original attorney Len Kachinsky took, which demonstrated his disloyalty to Brendan and his willingness to work with the prosecution to try to get Brendan to plead guilty and testify against Steven Avery,” Steven Drizin, one of the attorneys now representing Dassey, explained in a statement. “To me, this case is a classic example of how not to interrogate juvenile suspects and the tactics that were used during Brendan’s interrogation are a recipe for false confessions. Dassey’s confession was not coerced, and the state court’s decision on Dassey’s voluntariness claim did not involve an unreasonable application of clearly established Federal law.”

As of today, this petition brought before the court has passed, and the judge has ordered Dassey released.

There is one small catch, though. The state of Wisconsin could re-try Dassey again, and bring up new charges against him. It’s very possible that will happen, but now the click is ticking — in less than 90 days, Dassey could be a free man!!