All the ways in which making a new friend feels EXACTLY like dating

Maybe you met a cool new person at a party. Maybe a mutual friend has set the two of you up, insisting that you will fall head over heels for each other. Either way, you are starting something new with someone that could potentially be (wait for it) A FRIENDSHIP.

It’s totally understandable if you thought we were going to say “LOVE,” because real talk, starting a new friendship can feel eerily like starting a new romance. Below, a list of all the ways in which dating and becoming friends are pretty much the exact same thing.

You have to gather up all your courage to ask if they want to hang out sometime.


And when they ask what your schedule is like, you try to come off as very busy/important.


When the big day arrives, you try on literally everything you own and nothing is cool enough.


You are so nervous you basically have an out-of-body experience during your first hang.


And after your first date, you check your phone every two seconds for a text/e-mail/Instagram like/any sign of life.


And sometimes the person ghosts on you before the friendship even really gets started and that’s rough.


But sometimes they DO CALL and everything is sunshine and roses and candy canes forever.


You think about them so much you’re basically a 7th grader with a crush on a boy band.


You study their social media like you are in high school and your new friend is an AP test you HAVE to get a 5 on.


It takes all your willpower not to respond to every single one of their texts/e-mails within two seconds.


Then there’s the whole “Intro-ing your new friend to the other people in your life and realllllly hoping they get along” thing.

And also meeting THEIR effortlessly beautiful/cool/successful friends and hoping you are not immediately rejected.


But eventually, just like in dating, the jitters wear off and you guys get comfy-cozy with one another.


And eventually-eventually you’re just going to have to come straight out and DTR the situation.


Happy friendship-ing!
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