Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in space is *really* stressful

Whipping up a quick snack within the confines of Earth’s atmosphere is a fairly simple task, but if you think you’re going to slap something between two slices of bread and dash while orbiting the planet, you’ve got another thing coming. As it turns out, making a sandwich in space is *really* stressful, y’all.

We’re all about becoming citizens of the first space nation and even have endless daydreams of gleefully floating around in zero gravity. But after watching this astronaut make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich aboard the International Space Station, it’s clear how a space dweller could easily go from hungry to hangry in no time.

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So, this very telling food prep demonstration comes to us courtesy of NASA’s Shane Kimbrough, who shows us why we should probably show gravity a little bit more appreciation.

First, he starts out by explaining that astronauts have to use tape and velcro to hold everything in place. Proving that we still have a long way to go before space starts to really look like home, Kimbrough informs us that that instead of bread, this sandwich will be made with a tortilla, which he promptly sticks to a piece of tape. Space: 2; Humans: 0.

Being the space pro that he is, Kimbrough is all chill while the JIF container floats nearby. He casually spreads some peanut butter on the “bread” and doesn’t even flinch at the jelly, which weirdly wriggles around on the tortilla.

Ugh, space. We’re so fascinated by you, but we definitely have to work on our patience and our food prep skills before we can fully embrace the non-gravitational lifestyle.