Here’s an intense “Making a Murderer” theory that suggests that there are TWO guilty parties

Over the past month, lots of Internet sleuths have tried their hardest to figure out the twists and turns of Netflix’s Making A Murderer. New theories are out there, trying to clear Steven Avery’s name, along with determining who actually murdered Theresa Halbach, drove her car to the Avery’s auto yard, planted her keys in Avery’s house, and orchestrated the whole thing. Many of these theories have been pretty heavy. And now a new one suggests that there could actually be TWO different guilty parties out there.

Settle in for this one, because it’s a doozy.

According to Reddit user Jaypact, the long and the short of his theory is that two separate groups decided to frame Avery for the same crime. Neither one of these groups realized the other was also trying to frame Avery, which is why “the investigation and murder trial made zero sense to anyone especially the Jury.”

As their theory explains, the two truly guilty parties are: Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey, who are ones who actually killed Theresa; and James Lenk Andrew Colborn, with the assistance of Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas. Both of these groups had stuff to cover up, and not wanting to look guilty themselves, directed all evidence towards Avery. As Jaypact writes:

Does it make total and complete sense? No! But then again, many parts of the actual trial of Making A Murderer didn’t either! However, this theory does a good job explaining exactly why nothing made sense. It’s because in the end, dots were connected together that weren’t supposed to be together.

You can read the full theory here.

(Image via Netflix)

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