This special will follow up on the ‘Making a Murderer’ case

Making a Murderer is a Netflix true-crime docu-series that took the world by storm. During the holidays, it seemed like it was all the Internet could talk about — and the subject of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, a new special is coming to reveal even MORE about the murder of Teresa Halbach and the trials that followed.

At this point, we’re all familiar with the Making a Murderer cycle: binge-watch all 10 episodes in one sitting and formulate our own verdict, Google Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey to learn more about their cases, read about evidence the documentary didn’t cover, read peoples’ reactions to the evidence the documentary didn’t cover, re-think and question everything, and ultimately decide that verdict aside, the U.S. justice system is corrupt.

So that’s where we are now: We have a lot of facts — and keep accruing more — but we don’t have a lot of answers. There are a variety of theories about what really happened to Teresa Halbach, but nothing is certain. An anonymous juror has come forward and confessed that Avery was not, in fact, proven guilty during deliberations. Petitions have circulated the Internet urging the Judiciary to re-examine Avery and Dassey’s trials, or to pardon Avery completely. Unfortunately, the White House responded, basically saying, “sorry, no can do.”

But now, Investigation Discovery is working on a special following up on the docu-series. Production began this week on Front Page: The Steven Avery Story, which will run later this month. Hosted by Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison, the special will “better inform viewers in light of the nearly 300,000 people calling for the release of Avery,” according to a statement.

“We are excited to share with viewers the latest in this compelling saga,” said Henry Schleiff, the group president of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel and Destination America. “Following our investigation, we expect that Front Page: The Steven Avery Story will present crucial testimony and information that addresses many of the questions surrounding Steven Avery.”

Good. Because we still have a ton of questions.

Featured image via Netflix