So, people are taking selfies at Steven Avery’s auto yard from “Making A Murderer”

Over the last month, Making A Murderer, Netflix’s latest Original Documentary series, has completely captivated our attention. There are Making a Murderer theories, conspiracy theories, long Reddit threads, petitions to free convicted Steven Avery, lots of stuff on Etsy, and now, the strangest Making a Murderer trend yet: selfies.

Do you happen to be in the in the Manitowoc, Wisconsin area? If so, join the growing number of people who have stopped by Avery’s Auto Yard to pose for a picture with the giant yellow sign out front. Avery himself lived on-site at the auto yard at the time of his conviction, and now it’s become a selfie spot, thanks to the Netflix series.

Stopping at a location made famous by television and film is not anything new or out of the ordinary. You’ve probably done it at least once in your life, whether intentionally or by accident. Maybe your intended destination was simply seeing all the shooting locations from your favorite movie. But stopping by the site of a ~supposed~ murder to is kinda weird, right? RIGHT?

The Avery’s (and heck, the whole town of Manitowoc) aren’t too thrilled with everyone wandering around their private property, with Steven’s brother, Chuck, posting a picture just outside their drive.

However, it still hasn’t deterred visitors from poking around, pretending to be real-life Dean Strang and Jerome Buting (but not real life Ken Kratz). But this is still just a little we weird, right? Like, visiting the shooting location of Pawnee Town Hall in Pasadena, California is cool. Hanging out at Avery’s Auto is… odd. Even if it is a cool story to tell your other Making A Murderer-obsessed friends…

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