This is what Teresa Halbach’s family thinks of “Making a Murderer”

Unless you’ve been on a remote island for the past month or so, you’ve likely heard the buzz surrounding the Netflix docu-series Making a Murderer, which follows the story of Steven Avery. Avery, who was convicted of the sexual assault of a woman in 1985 and kept in jail for 18 years before being exonerated based on DNA evidence, was consequently convicted of the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach just a few short years later. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison with no opportunity for parole.

But considering the arguably favorable slant the documentary itself gives to Avery and his family and its focus on the oft-undetected flaws in the United States’ criminal-justice system, much of the chatter on the Internet has been along the lines who, “Who did kill Teresa?” and pondering the different possibilities of how Avery could’ve been framed.

But according to an interview granted to PEOPLE in this week’s issue, there is one group of people who definitely know there is another side to the story: Teresa Halbach’s family.

“It’s terrible,” Kay Giordana, Halbach’s aunt, said to PEOPLE. “I can’t believe this came out. It is really unfortunate.” Giordana also says Making a Murderer is kind of making the family live the trauma all over again, more than 10 years after Halbach was found dead.

“It is so very one-sided,” added Halbach’s cousin-in-law, Jeremy Fournier. “It seems like there are some shenanigans by the police in there from what I hear and read about, and I can see where people are getting their opinion, but they are only getting one side of the story.”

Giordana also said that she was surprised by viewers’ reaction to the series – namely, that they were seeming to overwhelmingly side with Avery and focus more on the system than the fact that Avery could actually be guilty. She states he is “100% guilty.” About the documentary itself she said, “Everybody has their own side of a story. That is the Avery family’s side of the story. I wouldn’t expect it to be different. They think he is innocent. I am not surprised. I am surprised that someone would put that together in that way and have it [be] one-sided.”

We wonder if the related Investigation Discovery special running later this month will give Halbach’s family more of the representation they’re hoping for. In the meantime, you can check out a video about Teresa over on PEOPLE and grab the newest issue, out today, in which “The Untold Story Behind Making a Murderer” is showcased as the cover story. And now, back to our regularly scheduled Internet scouring of anything and everything related to this case.

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