3 insane moments in Steven Avery’s surfaced lawsuit video

It’s been almost three months since Making a Murderer debuted on Netflix, but its subject, Steven Avery, has far from left the public eye. Fans and amateur sleuths continue to pick apart the case, trying to find definitive evidence of whether Avery murdered Theresa Halbach or not, and at the end of February, it was announced we’ll be getting a second season of the documentary series.

Now, USA Today has obtained videos of depositions given by those involved in Avery’s 1985 rape conviction.

Here are some of our more disturbing observations.

1. When Petersen acts like there’s nothing wrong with the fact that he didn’t open an investigation into Avery’s wrongful conviction.

Steven Avery was in jail for a staggering 18 years — even if none of the people who worked the original case were still around, Petersen still should have looked into what happened to make sure something like it wouldn’t happen again. (Of course, if the theory that Avery was being framed is true, Petersen would already know why what happened happened. You’d think he’d at least want to keep up appearances, but he probably never imagined he would get caught.)

2. A lead that could have potentially exonerated Avery in 1995 was completely ignored.

When you get a call from a detective in another county saying, “Hey, I’ve got this guy here who might have committed this crime and gotten away with it,” all the while knowing someone else is sitting in jail for something he might not have done, you should probably follow up on it (unless you already knew all that and don’t want your big frame-up to come to light).

3. The fact that Petersen appears to show absolutely no remorse for what happened to Avery.

Regardless of what Avery did or didn’t do to Theresa Halbach, he was still innocent of rape in 1985 and didn’t deserve to spend nearly two decades in jail for it. Petersen clearly doesn’t care that he helped send an innocent man to prison, which again leads us to wonder whether he knew exactly what had happened from the get-go.