This makeup tutorial keeps it real AF

Let’s face it, the world of makeup tutorials can be a very confusing and intimidating place. To bake or not to bake? Banana powder or translucent? Cut crease or nah? What about eyeliners? Is it all about pens, pencils, or gels?

There’s a million different techniques to try and even the most avid beauty junkie can get confused. That’s we’re loving Morgan Hanbery. #1. She’s brave enough to post her makeup routine and #2. She can actually admit she doesn’t really know what the hell she’s doing.

In her hilarious mini-tutorial, Morgan jokes about trying to emulate beauty gurus, admitting that for the most part she’s just winging it. (And that wasn’t a pun about her killer eyeliner skills, either.)

Check her quotables:

“I’m using the NARS Luminious, I don’t fuckin’ know, the guy at Sephora talked me into buying it. I’m gonna pump this shit and I don’t know how much I’m pumping. I’m just going psycho on my face.”


“I just see it in the tutorials and I think I know how to do shit and I really don’t.”


“This is a MAC 243, just kidding I got it at Ulta and it doesn’t have a number on it because it’s cheap.”


SPOILER: We don’t know who Morgan thinks she’s fooling, her makeup turned out AMAZE so those tutorials must have had some sort of effect!


We love you Morgs, keep keepin’ it real out there!

Prepare to laugh your makeup off while watching the video in its entirety, below. false

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