The newest makeup trend is… contouring the back of your neck?

Neck contouring. Yep. The same way people use makeup to contour their faces and bring them more depth and dimension, some are now doing the same on their necks… the back of their necks. Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone really looking at the back of our necks? Is neck contouring necessary? Not to mention the logistics. Um… do people do the contouring themselves? (With several well-placed mirrors, I take it?) Or get a contouring helper to come over on a moment’s notice to help out?

Apparently, someone did think their neck was being checked out and neck contouring was born. You can look at a short video here on @mwhairstyles on Instagram. They show the before and after—in case you want to give it a try for yourself. (Hint: You have to be a very skilled finger-painter. I’m sure I’d have hues of brown all over my hair and clothes and look like I was making some crazy Halloween costume.) The video is just seconds long, but I’m sure it look much longer for the vlogger to mix the dark brown shades of makeup with the very light shade she adds to the middle before blending them, producing a lighter area in the middle of the back of her neck… which you can barely see. Again, I can’t help but wonder what the point is.

It looks like an effortless task in the video, but as we all know, putting on makeup usually requires a mirror, and that’s for makeup we apply to our faces, not the back of our necks. (For proof of how difficult contouring is when we can actually see, you can check out this YouTube video of ModaMob trying it. Lesson learned: Not easy.)

“Not every part of your body needs to be perfect,” makeup artist Nick Barose told Teen Vogue. “What is perfect anyway? Beauty to me is about how everything comes together in harmony, rather than something forced or contrived. The most beautiful women who people remember as true beauty icons are memorable because they look different and unique and not perfect. They don’t look the same, or try to look the same.”

Exactly. I’m with Barose on this one.

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