This Halloween makeup collection has a vampire-inspired lip kit that Buffy would approve of

If you’ve been looking for a makeup set that will help you channel your inner vamp this October, then have no fear, Makeup Revolution’s Halloween collection is here to meet all your bloody needs. The brand new collection has dropped just in time to meet all of our Halloween costume, and honestly, some of the offerings could work year round for the goth makeup lovers among us.

To add to the creepy allure, most of the offerings from the Makeup Revolution Halloween collection run around $10 or less, so it’s an affordable brush with death regardless of budget.

While we’re on board with the whole collection, the vampy lip collections are what we’re really here for.

We’re trying to channel our inner Buffy this Halloween.

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Let’s peek at the collection while we’re still alive, yes?!

1Makeup Revolution Vampire Night Lip Kit, $9

2Makeup Revolution Kiss of Death Lip Kit, $9

3Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Highlighter, $6

4Makeup Revolution Ghost Powder, $5

5Makeup Revolution Give Them Darkness Palette, $10

6Makeup Revolution The Dead Are Alive Palette, $10


Now we can fill our makeup bag with all the favorite beauty products of the glamorous undead.

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