The makeup you most certainly wore to your middle school dance is back

If there’s one thing that can make us feel a wonderful nostalgia-happiness combo, it’s glitter.

Yes, this decorative, sparkling material makes us smile as it simultaneously reminds us of the makeup we experimented with in the past (and even recently, tbh). It brings forth visions of memorable middle school dances, of the sleepovers that we wished would never end, and of all the time we spent in drugstore makeup aisles… which brings us to some really great news: glittery eye products are back and better than ever!

These standout cosmetics made their stunning debut at various New York Fashion Week catwalks. They appeared at the Alice + Olivia’s show, added a bit of sparkle to Delpozo’s runway, and even accentuated several brilliant cat-eyes on the Creatures of the Wind models. (Now this is one Fashion Week trend we 100% support.)

Before we get carried away and buy ALL THE GLITTER at Sephora, we’d like to take a moment to show you exactly how you can re-invent the glittery eye looks of your past.

Let’s start with Creatures of the Wind, who aced this look:

This show’s makeup was designed by NARS’ lead makeup artist Aaron de Mey, who started with a dramatic cat-eye and then topped it off with some gold glitter shadow. To make this look more wearable for your everyday makeup routine, you can instead use a simple gold eyeliner, like this one from NYX. You can create an effortless, thin cat-eye for a subtle look or take things up a notch by adding some drama.

Next up, we have Alicia + Olivia, whose makeup artist chose to make models look like glistening Greek goddesses with a thin layer of gold eyeshadow:

Stila Mag Metals were used in Comex Gold and Gilded Gold, but you can replace these with this drugstore gem: L’Oréal Infallible Eyeshadow in the color Eternal Sunshine.

When it comes to Delpozo’s eye makeup, it may not be suitable for your average office environment, but it is downright beautiful:

To make their models look like the fairy princesses of our dreams, makeup artists packed glitter onto the center of models’ eyelids. They then blended this pigment up to the brow-bone and kept the rest of the look quite simple. You can use your favorite glittery eyeshadow to replicate this look and definitely consider wearing it for Halloween or New Year’s Eve.

Now excuse us as we add “Glitter Eyeshadow” to our weekend schedule… for research purposes, of course.


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