Watch how this makeup transformation turned men into gorgeous Disney Princesses

Who says only little girls can be Disney princesses? Today we come with visual evidence that men can make for stunningly beautiful Jasmines and Tianas too. And BuzzFeed has made the video to prove it.

BuzzFeed recently found five male volunteers to dress up like princesses Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Ariel, and Jasmine and get a full body makeover from YouTube beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson. The guys got the full Disney glam look, and TBH, we’re kind of jealous, because it looked like SO much fun.

Each guy stood in front of a background theme fit for their princess, and were then shown a mirror. They were all pretty shocked. Shocked by how good they look.

There have been countless Disney princess reimaginings, but this one might be our fave yet. Check out the clip and be prepared to be equal parts amused and blown away by Kandee’s skills. Guys can be totally gorg princesses too.

(Image via YouTube/Buzzfeed)

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