This makeup lover turns her eczema into gorgeous works of art, and we’re obsessed with her Instagram

Eczema is a very common medical condition that causes patches of your skin to become red, inflamed, itchy, and flaky. The condition can make sufferers feel self-conscious, but it is not an indicator of someone’s beauty. Makeup enthusiast Bronya Humphreys has taken that lesson to heart, using her favorite beauty products to transform her skin condition into gorgeous works of art.

Many people live with eczema and spend years trying to determine what irritates or soothes the condition. Figuring out what you should and shouldn’t do when you have eczema can be a long and stressful process. Recently, more and more people have been open about their struggles with the skin condition. In fact, fitness star Carys Gray posted a makeup-free Instagram selfie during her own eczema flare-up last year.

Humphreys has built up a strong Instagram following for her jaw-dropping makeup masterpieces, complete with before-and-after photos. Her captions reveal some of the heartbreaking comments she receives about her eczema, including “You look like a zombie.” But she also makes sure to encourage self-love by reminding her followers to embrace their brilliance and beauty.

Humphreys’s eye-makeup skills are particularly impressive, full of gorgeous colors and painstakingly intricate scenes worthy of art museums.

See for yourself:

The best part? Humphreys doesn’t use makeup to hide her condition — she wears it because she wants to.

She also shares skin care tips for fellow eczema sufferers.

We’re already obsessed with Humphreys’ Instagram. She’s the perfect example of the truth that beauty is is the eye of the beholder — in this case, literally so.

"I love the way I look when I'm fully glammed, but that's only one side of me. The other side is someone who is a human; with human emotions and gets hurt just like any of you. I want to show you that both sides of me are beautiful, and both sides of you are beautiful too!"

Keep doing you, girl. We’re 100% here for it.

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