This rad makeup line will de-clutter your beauty bag, pronto

Any makeup junkie knows that a beauty arsenal can quickly go from a collection of necessities to a hoarding situation. Even if you take the time to sort through your products with the pure intention of getting rid of old makeup and things you don’t need, it can still feel like “too much.” Thankfully, a new makeup line called trèStiQue is here to make our lives easier—all without compromising our usual beauty routine. trèStiQue’s mission is to simplify. Their collection of pencils and crayons are designed to be compact and portable. Instead of carrying around a full set of products PLUS the tools needed for application, the tools are built in with the makeup. SCREAMS AT THE AWESOMENESS!

For example, their blush stick has a brush attached to the opposite end, so instead of carrying a blush palette and a separate brush, both the makeup and its applicator come together in one handy stick that looks like a cute, oversized crayon! It’s seriously genius, you guys. The makeup also features magnetic caps so you don’t have to worry about spills. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had many a purse lining ruined by a rogue lip liner. When you need a new brush or you run out of lip balm. you can easily refill it! This new, simple approach to makeup goes hand-in-hand with the de-cluttering trend of this year that Marie Kondo helped start!

Blush Stick, $34 and Lip Crayon, $28

Full collection here.

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