This Bob the Builder makeup look actually used a hammer for contouring

It’s no secret that model and beauty conoisseur Jony Sios is absolutely amazing at makeup. After all, it’s one of the things that has shot him to Instagram stardom. And when you’re really, really good at something, sometimes you want to challenge yourself. . . which is exactly what Jony did by doing a flawless contour job with a hammer. Yes, seriously.

This week, Jony created a Bob the Builder-themed look (which looks *way* more glamorous than it sounds). The finished product included a bold blue lip and a stunning contour along with a construction hat and the tools he needed for the job — a hammer.

If you’re wondering how you could *possibly* contour with a hammer, Jony posted a quick video to show us what he did. He used several of your normal makeup tools, like brushes and sponges, but he also dipped his hammer into the contour and applied it with light, little taps. The whole thing seems like it’d be a little more trouble than it’s worth for most, but it looked like a fun challenge for the makeup master.

Guess it helps to get in character, right? Either way, we’ve never seen a more fabulous Bob the Builder!

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