These three sisters created the makeup brand of our witchy dreams

We approach our formulation like potion-making,wrote sisters Michelle, Caroline, and Katherine on their website. “[W]e carefully select each pigment, oil and wax for a clear purpose, and develop each color from the ground up to contain the fewest possible ingredient.” The result is Rituel de Fille, a makeup brand inspired by the magic of all-natural ingredients.

Both Michelle and Caroline are well-known makeup artists in Hollywood. As for Katherine, she’s a writer who values art, craftsmanship, and storytelling. Together, these three sisters have worked to design a brand that’s 99% natural. Additionally, it’s made without synthetic dyes and fragrances, parabens, and phthalates. Even better: They never test on animals and only use raw, cruelty-free materials to create their products.

“We’ve spent years perfecting our formulations by hand, through an alchemical process using expertise earned through years of study and experimentation,” the sisters revealed.

Not only is their backstory magical – so are their actual products. As of right now, Rituel de Fille has five collections: Feral, Night Visions, Fleur Sauvage, The Lovers, and Cultus. These are each composed of their Enchanting Lip Sheesr, Forbidden Lipsticks, Ash and Ember Eye Soots, and their Inner Glow Cream Blushes.

Overall, every single product they produce appears to be highly pigmented. The colors pop and the textures look as creamy as can be. Rituel de Fille also has some unique shades for those who want to try something a bit different this summer (our personal fave is the Forbidden Lipstick in Strange Creature).

It’s official: Rituel de Fille has us under their spell.

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