This makeup artist used Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy photoshoot to create lip art

Going through Beyoncé’s pregnancy photos was a holy experience. We have since built a shrine to the two new Carter twins and have a photo of the expecting Bey in our wallets. But one member of the BeyHive took her love for the queen a step further. Makeup Artist, Jazmina Daniel, painted Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy pic on her lips and we think that makes Daniel next in line to receive our worship.

Just look at the detail. Look at the accuracy of Beyoncé’s face. Everything about this masterpiece is perfect and it’s all done with lipstick. Daniel even has a matching floral manicure to complete the overall picture.

Let’s compare side-by-side. Here is Daniel’s work —

— and here is the actual photo of Beyoncé. Unreal!

"I know I have a lot of Queen 🐝 Fans out there! This one is for you!...This took me just over four hours, I really hope you all love it," Daniel writes in her caption.

We love it. We’re freaking out about it. We just broke out into song and dance over it.

If you love Daniel’s intricate Beyoncé lips, then you’ll adore her Cinderella lips where she painted Cinderella mid-change from her tattered clothes to that sparkling light blue dress.

And if you love the Cinderella dress, then you’ll more than like Daniel’s ‘Melted Candle’ lips. The candle is actually dripping! Like..?!?!?

When Daniel got her hands on Jeffree Star’s “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” liquid lipstick, she decided to take her lip look very literally.

The magic is never-ending.

Jazmina, we think Beyoncé will be proud when she sees your work — and she has to see these lips! You know what they say, first it’s Instagram, next it’s the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!

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