This makeup artist embraced her acne by turning it into literal star constellations on her face

If you struggle with acne—or have ever experienced a particularly bad breakout—you know how much it can impact a person’s self-esteem. But many women (and men) are beginning to embrace the beauty of their skin, bumps and all, and makeup artist Rocio Cervantes just came up with an amazingly creative way to do so.

On September 17th, Cervantes tweeted a series of images of herself during a breakout. She wrote that she wanted to do a look that wouldn’t cover her acne, so she decided to put star-shaped stickers on top of her pimples as she applied foundation.

"I’ve been super frustrated not be[ing] able to do makeup so this came out of frustration lmao but I really like it and I hope anyone dealing with any skin condition can know they are not alone!" Cervantes wrote.

Cervantes tweeted that she was partially inspired by her own insecurities.

"It saddens me because yesterday I was wondering what it would be like if I didn’t have acne like what it would be if I had clear skin then it made me really ashame[d] of myself for thinking that because I am beautiful I just have to really tell myself that more often," she tweeted.

Cervantes even inspired others to embrace their skin.

It’s so encouraging to see makeup artists like Cervantes embracing their skin, and we hope that this awesome look gives others the confidence to do the same.

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