This makeup artist recreates famous works of art on people’s lips

If you think your lipstick game is strong, you might want to think again.

We all know that choosing the perfect shade of red is nothing short of an art form, but makeup artist Ryan Krasney is taking her craft to a staggering new level.

Ryan is the co-owner of Washington, D.C.-based Blend Event Makeup Artistry. Blend’s Facebook page is full of gorgeous wedding photos of brides sporting classic, timeless makeup (of course). But Ryan’s Instagram account, which boasts over 15,000 followers, tells another, flashier story. The page is filled with photos of amazing lipstick art.

Like this perfect plaid lip, which is honestly so flawless we would forego sipping our Starbucks to keep it intact:

And check out this gorgeous Cleopatra-worthy Egyptian lip:

Ryan even does themed lip art. Some of our favorites are based on our most beloved books, like YA god John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Okay? Okay. (Gosh, I’m getting all weepy even thinking about Augustus Waters. Why, John Green? Why???)

Hunger Games anyone? (Seriously, we want to see Jennifer Lawrence rock this look. In a really bad way.)

As amazing as her book-inspired looks are, the most impressive photos on Ryan’s IG are her recreations of famous paintings. Yes, that’s right. She reproduces artistic masterpieces using lips as her canvas. The results are nothing short of masterpieces themselves.

We love her interpretation of Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. LOVE.

And her van Gogh lips have us seeing stars.

Beautiful work, Ryan. Just beautiful.

All images via Ryan Krasney on Instagram @ryankellymua

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