This makeup artist’s Disney lip art is so insanely good it should be in a museum

If you’re anything like us, you struggle to make just one shade of lipstick look good (and last all day), right? Well, if you’re Jazmina Daniel, a Sydney-based lip artist, the story is ENTIRELY different. Because then your lips might as well be on the walls of the Louvre. And we are absolutely dying over how crazy good her Disney (and more!) themed lip art is.

This perfectly executed Mulan and her reflection (showing who she is inside)!

This adorable Dory who just keeps swimming across those lips.

This dreamy recreation of the Little Mermaid poster.

This iconic moment from The Lion King.

And it doesn’t just stop with Disney, here’s a magical homage to Harry Potter.

This beautifully executed Titanic work (complete with an ICEBERG NAIL!).

This wonderous The Wizard of Oz masterpiece with ruby-red nails.

This eerie, yet amazing, Jaws homage with bloodied nails.

Even her designs outside of movies are out of this world.


…how is this EVEN REAL?!

And if you want to see the magic as it happens, check out Jazmina’s YouTube video of those galaxy lips here:

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