This makeup artist created a glossy optical illusion using white eyeliner

There are some makeup artists who blow it out of the water with their skill set. While it’s certainly fascinating to follow makeup artists with the ability to create flawless contours or classic old Hollywood looks, we’re always excited to see people breaking the mold.

When a makeup artist used white eyeliner to create a surreal optical illusion, we were immediately hypnotized. The inventive makeup artist Ida Ekman has created an Instagram arsenal of bloody goth makeup looks and nearly cosmetic FX that almost resembles the work of CGI. Needless to say, we’re fascinated by her process.

The latest look from Ekman featured a surreal combination of NYX Cosmetics white liquid liner ($7), shades from the Lime Crime Venus eyeshadow palette ($34), and Rogue and Rogue Miss Fury Eyelashes ($10).

She looks like a Tim Burton character that has come to life, but an updated 2017 fashion version.

Ekman’s “glossy” look was inspired by the makeup artist, who goes by the name, Aryunatardis on Instagram.

Ekman’s commitment to dramatic eye makeup looks is nothing new though, as you can see she would be the ultimate makeup artist for any Halloween party.

As creepy as this sounds, the texture on that fake blood is very pretty.

She’s even matched an electric blue lip with her hair.

This is a look we’d love to copy, especially that shimmery lipstick.

Now we feel inspired to play with our eye makeup, or at least invest in white eyeliner.

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