This makeup artist’s beauty looks involve live slugs, fake blood, and mashed potatoes

If you’ve ever browsed Instagram for cool makeup looks, you’re aware of how hard it is to stand out. Well, one makeup artist’s beauty looks involve live slugs, fake blood, and mashed potatoes. Basically, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s doing it well!

Jasmine (yep, one name only) creates looks that are not just cool eyelid art, or even intricate body paint. Her looks are filled with live creatures and food. Instagram audiences are freaking out over how cool and weird her work is. In addition to being extremely talented, Jasmine has found a niche on a social network full of talented beauty artists.

It is all about the artistic eye.

Basic contouring and beauty looks are not Jasmine’s cup of tea. Instead, she uses live elements in her work to stand out.

Just look at her takes on a spring look!

We don’t know many beauty gurus willing to put straight up turf on top of their heads. If we’re being honest, this might just be the most creative look online yet! Although Jasmine’s take on mashed potatoes might just win out in the end.

Nonetheless, people have been pretty rude online.

Even though Jasmine is just expressing herself creatively, a lot of people online harass her. Because she is so different, comments can be pretty disparaging. And this is what Jasmine had to say about it in a caption.

 “This is a form of my artistic expression, I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. I'm not asking you to get it or like it but if we can refrain from being mean about it, that'd be nice.

Obviously, folks should be kinder to people trying out something new.

Instead of putting someone down, we should be building them up. Jasmine’s beauty looks are weird and cool and totally stand out. In a sea of beauty gurus, her work is truly special.