This makeup artist uses real bugs as makeup, and it will give you the jitters

Social media stars in the beauty space are a dime a dozen, and many gurus know that if they want to stand out in a saturated market, they need to do something bold and different. Let’s just say, the beauty enthusiasts have delivered. We’ve seen some truly outlandish tutorials, like a makeup tutorial done underwater. But now, we’re intrigued and a bit in awe of this one beauty blogger’s talents — she creates unique makeup looks by incorporating bugs into her beauty routine.

But before we go any further, we must warn you: if you have a fear of bugs, you may want to look away. While the looks are stunning, her secret ingredient to creating her makeup are bugs.

The talented makeup artist goes by @butterflyjasmine49 on Instagram (how aproppriate), and her feed is both insanely gorgeous and kinda crazy. But like, in a cool way. Granted, it’s a pretty terrifying thing to behold, especially if you’re not into creepy crawlers but can we talk about the bravery and creativity it takes to pull off something like this? The bugs are so perfectly integrated into each of her beauty looks, and there’s something so strangely beautiful about the way it looks all pulled together.

What do you think…scary good or just plain scary?

OMG, we literally can’t.

Lace and beetles work surprisingly well together, don’t you think?

You can check out more on Jasmine’s feed for makeup inspiration.