This makeup artist just used body paint to send a powerful message

Everyone give a slow clap for Jordan Hanz, a YouTube make-up guru who just made the most mind-blowing YouTube video that was both inspiring and impressive. Titled “Unattainable Woman,” the two minute video uses body paint and make up to illustrate an important point about sexism and double standards.

For instance, Jordan begins by talking about how a woman who stands up for herself is considered a b*tch. She paints the word on her forehead, but it’s cooler than that. The video is all done through stop-motion, so the words just appear as her body is slowly covered in derogatory terms that are used against women.

She talks about her inspiration in the video description:

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna did something similar. They arrived to the VMAs in matching outfits that displayed all the horrible things they’ve been called just for being assertive and honest women.

What’s great about Jordan’s video is the message is not how to avoid being called these things, or even to stop people from saying these things about women. Her message is all about owning it. You can’t change what people think, so rather than let these labels crush you, shake them off. You’re so much more than these words, and the people who can’t see that aren’t worth your time.

Take a look at the awesome video below!

(Image via YouTube)

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